A combined 4-5 age group is available for students turning 5 by September 30th.  A patient, positive, teaching style and hands on, play-based curriculum encourages the growth and development of each child.

  • hummingbirds - Monday thru thursday

    arrival 8:45-9:00, dismissal 11:30

    Optional Ad-ons:

    Extended Day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 2:00

Developmental Milestones for 5 Year old Children

Social Emotional Development
Want to act like their friends and seek their approval

Become jealous of other people spending time with “their” friends

Follow rules most of the time and may criticize kids who don’t follow the rules

Enjoy showing off

Want your approval and want to be taken seriously

Start to understand why it’s helpful to share and get along with other kids

May get angry if they think they are not being listened to

Self-Care & Personal Responsibility
Demonstrates respect and care for classroom materials

Participates in clean up

Accepts responsibility when asked

Takes care of own bathroom and hand washing needs

Keeps track of personal belongings at school

Gross Motor
Walk on their tiptoes and heel-to-toe on a balance beam

Stand and hop on each foot

Catch a ball the size of a softball

Start to move in more coordinated ways (swimming, dribbling a basketball, dancing)

Fine Motor
Use one hand more than the other (hand dominance)

Hold a pencil using a tripod grip

Cut out basic shapes with scissors, may be able to cut a straight line

Use a fork, spoon and knife easily

Cognitive Development
Recognize and name colors and basic shapes

Know the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds

Recite their names, address and phone number

Understand basic concepts about print

Know that stories have a beginning, middle and end

Count groups of objects up to 10 and recite numbers to 20

Stick with an activity for 15 minutes and finish a short project

Make plans about how to play, what to build or what to draw

Language Skills

Use words to argue and try to reason with people (because is a commonly used word)

Use most plurals and pronouns

Tell stories, jokes and riddles and may understand simple puns

Talk about opposites and compare things

Talk about things that are going to happen and things that have already happened

What Makes Us A Quality Preschool Program?

  • Trained and state-credential teaching staff
  • Staff trained through Mindful Schools
  • Developmental Education Program
  • Bi-weekly eNews along with teacher daily note and weekly email
  • Faith Formation Program
  • Parenting Classes
  • Volunteer Opportunities