In-person tours are available on Monday afternoons and Fridays! 

Email Ruth Bruneau at for more information and to schedule your tour.

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    We have a limited openings in our classes that can be viewed hereContact us for more information.  

  • 2023-2024 school year

    Registration for the next school year, beginning in September 2023, opens in February 2023.  More information will be shared on our Registration Page.


Back to Basics, less is more, connect within and grow in Faith are ways to describe our approach at Chapel School.  We believe that children learn best through play, which encompasses social skills, motor skills and is the basic foundation for all academic skills.  Programs like Chapel Time, Choose Love, Yoga, Brain Gym, Music and Mindfulness also allow them to become deep thinkers, to be with and work through their emotions and to stay in the present moment.  The Faith based component of our curriculum guides children in knowing about God and His creations and how God's love can guide us to share that same love with others and encourage Kindness and Compassion for all.

Our classrooms have become very basic and simple to allow for imagination and creativity to soar.  Simplicity in our approach encompasses play and leaves room for children to discover more about the world around them in a way that works for them.  Our extended time outdoors adds to play time, allows them to take risks, work on social skills, learn about the beauty around them, and gain sensory experiences that young developing bodies seek during the early childhood years.  We also believe that supporting parents, also supports the students enrolled at Chapel School.  We offer parent workshops, assistance with Early Intervention and/or school district evaluations and guidance with challenging behaviors.  Our work with families has an overall goal of allowing the family to see the joy in being with, and raising children. We see each child and family that we encounter as a blessing to our community.

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