parent testimonials

"Chapel School is the gold standard."

"I chose Chapel School because when I toured the school with you, I immediately was able to picture my daughter there. I had toured other schools and nothing else gave me that same feeling. She loved it and was instantly comfortable with you. I appreciated the natural colors and materials for play, as well as the natural outdoor play space".

" For our family, there are two best parts of the program.  The first one is seeing the positive impact Chapel School has had on both of our kids' growth socially and as learners.  Our son has grown by leaps and bounds since first starting in the 2s class.  The second-best part has been the sense of community for us as a family."

"We love how it’s a smaller school setting with less children accepted. It truly makes you feel the closeness of the teachers, admin, students and how valued your child is. "


We have four main missions of her program. 
  • The outdoors and nature are an important part of our program, and we strive to spend over an hour outside each day.  We know that the research shows that movement and connections with nature are hugely beneficial to a child's health and development.
  • We also embrace the Choose Love curriculum which teaches children about Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action. Through mindfulness, yoga, stories, and songs we learn to recognize our emotions and develop strategies to handle changes.
  • The children are the curriculum!  We have a child-led philosophy where children are viewed as capable learners, and they are encouraged to take the lead in their learning.  Educators interact in a way that nurtures and scaffolds their ideas, with the environment acting as the third teacher.

Our vision is to create connections with children and families to allow us to work together to develop relationships of trust and support.  We strive to create enticing learning environments that meet the developmental needs of each individual child.  We know that children learn best when seeing, hearing, touching, and exploring materials.  Our child-led philosophy means we can provide open-ended activities for our students.  We welcome curiosity and ingenuity, by setting up provocations the children are able to problem solve, use their imaginations and work together with their peers to enhance their learning.  Our facilitators carefully choose materials based on the interests of the children and their individual learning needs along with our aspirations of what they can achieve and what they may enjoy.

Our staff are highly trained professionals and genuinely care for each and every child in our care.


  • Granite Steps for Quality rated facility.
  • All our lead teachers are credentialed through the state of New Hampshire for educational and professional standards. 
  • 2023 Winner in "Best of the 603" Preschool category.

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