2 YEAR OLD program

Our two-year old program, for students turning 2 by September 30th, provides a comfortable 2.5 hour time-frame for children just beginning their preschool experience.  Ten children participate in a class with two teachers.  A patient, positive, teaching style and hands on curriculum encourages the growth and development of each child. 

The daily schedule follows a play-based curriculum and includes:

  1. Outdoor exploration on our newly renovated playground
  2. Social Skills incorporating the Choose Love curriculum
  3. Mindfulness, Yoga and Brain Gym
  4. Faith Formation through snack prayer, bible stories, and Chapel Time
  5. Music and Art
  6. Language Arts, Math and Science, Gardening
  7. Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • 2 days: MonDAY & wednesday or

    2 days: tuesday & thursday or

    4 days: monday thru thursday

    Arrival 9:00-9:15, dismissal 11:40

    Student - Teacher Ratio 10:2

    Offered to ages 2 & 3, Fully potty-trained not required

2 year old developmental milestones

Social Development

  • Enjoys singing and trying to copy finger-plays with others
  • Greets familiar people
  • Engages in simple games in small groups
  • Helps with clean-up activities when prompted
  • Takes turns when prompted
  • Gives attention to stories for 5 minutes or more
  • Copies adults and peers
  • Understands "mine", "his", "hers" and "yours"

Cognitive Development

  • Attempts to draw faces
  • Understands what "one" and "two" means
  • Can name familiar objects
  • Counts to three by rote
  • Counts up to 3 objects
  • Beginning to identify colors

Emotional Development

  • Able to recover quickly after transitions or changes in routines
  • Separates from parent easily
  • Shows wide range of emotions
  • Can dress and undress self
  • Shows affection for family and friends without prompting
  • Shows concern for a friend who is crying

Physical  Development: Large/Gross Motor Skills

  • Runs easily (end of 2-year-old year)
  • Balances on one foot for 2-3 second.
  • Can hop on one foot at least one time
  • Walks up and down stairs alternating feet

Physical Development:  Small/Fine Motor Skills

  • Beginning to draw vertical and horizontal lines
  • Beginning to draw circles
  • Builds with blocks and other building toys using at least 6 blocks or toys
  • Can work toys that have buttons, moving parts and levers
  • Puts together 4-piece (or larger) puzzles

Communication and Language Development

  • Gives own first name and age
  • Follows 2 step directions without distraction
  • Beginning to understand "in", "on", "under"
  • Can name familiar objects
  • Can name friends and family members (end of 2-year-old year)
  • Uses pronouns in conversations (I, me, we, you) and some plurals (dogs, cats, etc.)
  • Can be understood 75% of the time by strangers

Creativity Development

  • Beginning to take on characteristics and actions of role play
  • Can pretend with imaginary objects


what makes us a quality program?

  • Trained and state-credentialed teaching staff
  • Staff trained through Mindful Schools
  • Developmental Education Program
  • Communication through eNews, daily notes, email and Facebook group
  • Faith Formation Program
  • Parenting Classes
  • Volunteer Opportunities